The Bootstrapper Field Guide: Promo By Slidely Edition

Pro Videos In 10 min Or Less

We’ll make you look like the smartest person in the room.

  • Learn a fool proof method for creating professional videos in under 10 min.
  • Inspire your audience and engage them in a way the written word alone can’t.
  • Let your peers believe you spent countless hours learning video editing software.
  • Stay ahead of the digital marketing learning curve.

Videos Created By Slidely

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Client Acquisition

"How can I get people in the door? Nothing I do works! I need some help."

Conversion Problems

"I don't have problems with traffic, I have problems with conversions."

Feeling Overwhelmed

"SEO, Analytics, PPC, Social Media. So many options. Where do I start?

Marketing ROI

"I have spent so much in advertising, without any returns."

Client Retention

"How do I keep and nurture the audience I have already built?"

Anything Marketing Related

"I don't want to get sold anything. I just want reliable answers."