4 Simple Steps To Boost Your First Impression Online

First impressions matter both in person and online. They can mean the difference between getting your foot in the door with a potential client or having it slammed in your face. So when I read PhotoFeeler.com’s latest article “New Research Study Breaks Down ‘The Perfect Profile Photo'” I decided to put it to the test.

The 4 Steps

Here is the headshot I’ve been using and the four steps I took to improve my results.

The Squinch

Who would have thought smile lines make a difference. Well here’s to middle age I guess. Apparently when you activate the muscles that are used to create those smile lines we as humans actually recognize on a subconscious level it as a sign of authenticity and friendliness.


When your face is all someone sees they want to be able to see it completely. A jawline is essential to defining what you look like in person.


Dale Carnegie writes in his book How to Win and Influence Friends that smiling is a primary way of making a good first impression. I actually did another test using Match.com to see just how important a smile can be. The results were shocking. The profile with a smile and looking at the camera netted almost 400 views in a week, while the profile without a smile and looking away didn’t even net 100 views in the same amount of time.  You can see before and after photos here.


According to the Photofeeler article formal is better. I was skeptical living in Denver where jeans is a staple in most professionals’ wardrobes. I hail from the midwest where ties and suit jackets are important so when I first moved to Boulder I got nick named “Holly” as in “Hollywood” because I was ALWAYS overdressed. But hey, I thought I’d pull out my pressed white blouse and black jacket.

The Impressive Results

Well sheesh. Who would have expected such a boost?

Competence: 28% improvement
Likable: 5% improvement
Influential: 23% improvement

Wanna do your own test? Visit Photofeeler.com – it’s free. And in case you are wondering I am NOT getting anything for promoting photofeeler. I just happen to think they have a great service and they are based out of Colorado. Community within the small business world is essential in my opinion.