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Sales Ready Leads

A Custom Marketing Campaign

We Guarantee Your Campaign Will Work

With the Attract | Get | Keep © Program we create, test, and execute a 28-Day Evergreen marketing campaign for your business. Our solution automates the flow of traffic, leads, and sales for you. No need to hire 20 difference “experts” and no need to learn anything new. Everything you need is included.

We aren’t like other digital marketers who only provide one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Instead, we work with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy specific for your business. Then we build the infrastructure, integrate all the tools, create the ads and content and test the whole “machine” to ensure the campaign is generating leads. In fact, we guarantee all of our campaigns are delivering leads at break even or better before we hand them off to you.

With this program you can leverage the power of an entire CERTIFIED team at an equal or less cost than hiring one marketing professional. Equipped with an understanding of your business requirements, we design a lead generation solution that delivers simply what you need: sales-ready leads. We give you the ability to become a marketing powerhouse.

Your team will consist of:

  • Marketing Strategists/Directors
  • Certified Sales Funnels Professionals
  • Graphic Designers
  • Ads Managers
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • Video Editors
  • SEO and Paid Traffic Experts
  • Competitor analysts, etc

Ready to Grow?

Get a Customized AGK© Plan & Execution

What is Included?

  • Define SMART Goals
  • Marketing Research
  • Personas Creation
  • Keyword Research 
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Messaging
  • 28-Day Evergreen Lead Generation Campaign 
  • Competitor reverse engineering
  • An ATTRACT | GET | KEEP ©  Blueprint
  • Traffic platform recommendations
  • Customer Testimonial Assessment
  • Welcome Video (script outline provided and assistance with basic filming)
  • Current Content Inventory

  • Content Calendar
  • Lead Magnet Offers
  • Lead Magnet Design and Copywriting  
  • Awareness Ad Design and Copywriting
  • Retarget Ad Design and Copywriting
  • Full Social Media Management
  • SEO for Single Keyword
  • Lead Page Design and Implementation
  • Automated Email Service Integration
  • Automated Email Response Design and Copywriting
  • Split A/B Testing
  • Explainer Video
  • Campaign to Increase Testimonials
  • TripWire Offers 
  • Engagement Ad Design and Copywriting 
  • Retarget Ad Design and Copywriting
  • Lead Page Design and Implementation 
  • Automated Email Response Design and Copywriting  
  • Core Offer Defined 
  • Core Offer Design and Copywriting 
  • Lead Page Design and Implementation 
  • Automated Email Response Design and Copywriting)
  • Retention – Re-engagement and referral campaigns 


- Who pays for advertising?

In a sense we both do. ​We pay for traffic in the beginning, putting some of our own skin in the game to prove that the system is working and profitable. After that point, you are in charge of your advertising spend (though we’ll of course be there to manage it).

- How much does working with Unthink Solutions cost?

You are investing in a team of experts that have delivered results time and time again. We’ve set it up so that you get all this at a FRACTION of the cost it would take to setup your own team, or even hire one expert in house. A typical project investment is between four to five figures.

- What type of ROI should I expect?

We use both inbound marketing and paid advertising as part of our strategy. It’s common for people to think that inbound marketing alone will generate an immediate spike in leads. Although this can happen if a campaign goes “viral”, albeit rare, inbound marketing is a long-term play.

Inbound marketing is opposite of advertising. Effective advertising, which is often much more expensive than inbound, can generate that spike in results, however, once you turn it off, the results go away. This is why we use a hybrid model to generate long term results via an inbound approach and scale it using paid advertising.

Inbound marketing is more like investing in the stock market, where results compound with more content you release and followers, subscribers, and database contacts you build. Also like investing in stocks, your investment will continue to produce returns even if you stop contributing since past content will continue to get found in search engines, generating traffic and leads for years to come.

- What else can you do for me?

Our team is focused on conversions, but capable of a number of things. We are experts in design, copy and content, social media and other pieces of digital marketing as well. If you’d like, we can talk about website redesign and content creation + authority building as we build the system.

- How do I know if Unthink Solutions is a good fit for my company?

If your company is looking to generate leads from your online marketing, has a sales team to work those leads, and is willing to think creatively, we’re probably a good fit for you.  We understand that we’re not a fit for everyone, and if we’re not completely confident that we can help you succeed with online marketing, we’ll let you know that upfront.


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