The Ugly Truth About Free Website Builders

I did a quick survey of the major companies that offer free or low cost website builders. Most offer free, easy, fast solutions. But the primary selling point is “beautiful” results. While a website that appears slick is nice it’s not what will drive conversions. It’s honestly the equivalent of the stereotypical airhead. No offense intended if you happen to be blonde.

The truth is a website is only as good as the underlying branding, marketing, and sales strategies. And all three strategies need to be carefully planned and in sync with each other.

Opportunity to Seize Market Share

Most small businesses either don’t recognize or understand the power of taking the time to generate all three strategies. While many more have a vague sense they are missing something but the thought of learning how to generate these strategies is completely overwhelming.

This is a unique opportunity to seize market share from your competitors. The tools for digital branding, marketing, and sales are highly sophisticated and powerful and most are very inexpensive.

The Window is Closing

This opportunity will only last so long as more small business owners start to learn and apply the basics and as the branding, marketing, and sales industries learn how to deliver the services in a format small business owners more readily understand.

Democratizing Branding, Marketing, and Sales

Un-Think Branding is at the forefront of delivering the tools and knowledge startups and small business owners need to implement their own branding, marketing, and sales strategies in a format that works with the unique challenges they face.

I know, it sounds like a shameless pitch for our services. But more importantly I invite you to interact with us in our early stages. Help us make our services and product useful and relevant. Tell us what makes sense to you and where you have gaps in understanding.

At the heart of our business model is supporting the little guys and helping them get on the playing field with the big boys. Let’s go seize more of that market share together.