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3 Critical Stages For Growth

A New Framework For Understanding How to Make Marketing & Sales Work


Stage 1

Find Your Audience

Focus On the People Most Interested in Your Offer and Finding Points of Commonality


Stage 2

Build Trust

Engage Your Audience By Providing High Value and Sharing With Authenticity


Stage 3

Foster the Relationship

Build on the Initial Connection to Generate Exponential Growth

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Top 8 Ways We Solve the Problems That Matter Most

Generating Traffic and Leads

The shift toward relational and customer-centric purchasing patterns has radically impacted what formerly worked as marketing and sales tactics.

We help you transition from theory to execution. With all the changes in the digital marketing landscape, it’s easy to waste time and resources just trying to keep up.

We have frontline experience in what does and does not work and can help you navigate through the rather complicated spectrum of options. Be forewarned, the solution will require some “unthinking” hence the name.

We promise – once you understand the premise everything else you know falls into place. Most clients say “Oh! Now I get it!”

Providing the ROI of Your Marketing Activities

Accountability to the numbers is relatively new in the marketing world. Change comes slowly. And tension and egos abound. Not to mention the sheer quantity of data collected. Fancy charts and numbers can give the illusion of success but if there isn’t a coordinated strategy that links branding, marketing, and sales efforts to the bottom line to a given campaign they are useless.

We only report on six metrics throughout the life of a campaign. We start at the top of the purchasing funnel and work our way down assigning responsibility for the success of each metric to relevant team members.

We test first to ensure the campaign is performing to industry standards or better and work with all team members to assure they have the necessary insights, resources, and skills to make their part of the campaign successful.

Aligning the marketing and sales departments to avoid wasted efforts and competing goals is critical at this stage. Then once we have the campaign dialed in we fully fund the campaign and monitor results.

The Metrics We Report on

  1. Size of targeted audience needed to reach revenue goal (impressions)
  2. Number of people targeted that engage with content (likes, views, comments)
  3. Number of people who engaged in the previous step (MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads)
  4. Number of MQLs sales team accepts as leads (SAL – Sales Qualified Leads)
  5. Number of SALs sales teams qualifies as leads (SQL – Sales Qualified Leads)
  6. Deals that need to be sourced by Marketing to reach revenue goal
  7. Total revenue impact of efforts initiated by sales

Securing Enough Budget

Only 3-5% of campaigns are actually successful but too often the wrong factors inform costly decisions in the vacuum of reliable data. The results breed growing mistrust in marketing efforts.

We arm our clients with accurate data. Even when campaigns underperform if you show why and how you plan to fix it, getting approval for an increase is much easier.

Our methodology is geared toward efficiency. Once a campaign is launched we systematically work with your team to diagnose problems and plug gaps in the process. If a campaign is not performing to industry standards we will arm you with the data you need to make difficult choices.

Managing Your Website

Website management can often feel like a necessary evil and a thankless consumption of time and resources. Especially when you’re in the middle of a big project.

We offer priority design packages that give you on-demand access to designer support at a discounted rate. You still maintain ownership of all your design assets but you have help from designers already familiar with your full-time staff and brand and ready to work when you need changes right away and your staff is already overloaded.

Identifying the Right Technologies for Your Needs

A dizzying amount of platforms and solutions appear daily. On the surface, they all appear to have merit but it’s difficult to envision how they will integrate with your current resources and team.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours trying different platforms and services ourselves. We are confident the suite of platforms and services we’ve integrated and recommend is world class and easy for our clients to use themselves. From workflow, communication, file storage and collaboration, CRMs and more we can arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your team.

Learn more about some of the platforms and services we like in our Marketing Tips Section – Bootstrapper Field Guide. For a comprehensive look at all the solutions available, you may want to check out GrowthVerse. They’ve collected the most important information on over 800 Marketing Technologies.

Generating Quality Content

Creating relevant, custom, and valuable content is time-consuming. Video is quickly becoming a must to compete and virtual reality is not far off. While it’s tempting to dismiss these changes as fads the statistics say otherwise. If you are serious about driving growth these platforms are worth considering.

We have a pool of talent who specialize in the latest trends. Our team is focused on quality, custom work. Inexpensive services abound that deliver curated content that is little more than a rehash of what already exists. Honestly, that “stuff” is fluff. We aim to propel our clients into the spotlight and show the world what makes them truly better than the rest.

Training Your Team

The technology and marketing landscape changes so quickly it is difficult to stay abreast and still get your job done. Most marketing and sales staff we meet have several pieces of the pie already and simply need someone to guide them to the right resources.

We provide custom staff training, webinars and ongoing support for all of our clients as needed. We also have extensive experience with multiple online training resources and can make recommendations with confidence your time and money will be well spent.

Hiring Top Talent

The best marketers are creative, analytical, and possess a high emotional IQ. The combination of all three is rare simply because they are typically found in different temperaments.

Our leadership team has specialized training in temperament psychology and team building. It is with this expertise that we’ve built our own team and can assist in optimizing your team with the talent you already have. We also assist in the hiring process when needed to ensure you find the right fit.

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Unthink Solutions was created by Gretchen Lehman and Liz Pineda. Both Gretchen and Liz have worked with Fortune 500 companies and high profile branding and marketing agencies, but their passion has always been with small businesses. They believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy and who can really benefit from their skills.  Their vision is to fully democratize branding and marketing for the small business owner and bring “promise” and “results” back.



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